Q- I see sediment in my bottle.  Is it okay to drink?

A- Most of our beer is unfiltered so you may notice some sediment in your bottle.  It is absolutely okay to drink.  If you would prefer not to, keep the bottle refrigerated and store upright, the sediment will settle to the bottom of the bottle and will stay there with a slow, steady pour.


Q- How long does your beer stay fresh and what is the best way to store them?

A- Most of our beer is best drank fresh however, some of them are also perfect for aging.  If you choose to store them, keep in a cool dark place.  The refrigerator is your best option.  As most of our beer is unpasteurized and unfiltered, storing it cold will preserve freshness.  We recommend that the majority of our beers be consumed within 90 days of purchase.  However, we do brew some beers that can be cellared.  These beers are generally higher in alcohol and often bottle-carbonated and can benefit from aging at a cool cellar temperature.


Q- Do you accept requests for donations?

A- Due to the large quantity of requests, we do not.  We have a select group of charities that are near and dear to us and we donate to them regularly.


Q- Do you take back empties? 

A- No.  Due to our small size, we do not have room to store empties.  Empties can be returned to the Beer Store for a $0.20 deposit.


Q- Do you sell gift certificates?

A- Yes we do!  We have amazing wooden tokens available for purchase at the brewery.  They are available in $20 denominations.


Q- I’m having a party.  How do I get a keg? 

A-You can message us on facebook or twitter or come on in to the brewery.  We’ll get you all set up with a keg.  Party pumps are available for rent from The Beer Store.


Have a question that you don’t see here?  Feel free to come in and ask us or message us on facebook or twitter.