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5 Paddles On The Move

We are moving!

If you’ve been by 5 Paddles, you know space is at a premium and bottling moves slowly.  We’ve outgrown our tiny space and its time to take this show on the road….well, kind of.  We’re moving all of about 500 feet from our current location.  It’s just a hop, […]

2014 Baby!!!

So we’ve been open for about seven months now and what a ride its been!  Thanks to all of the wonderful people who continue to support our little brewery!

We are in the process of growing.  You may have noticed some changes at the brewery over the last month or so.  Brewer’s Pantry has moved out […]

Our New Tap Handles are On Their Way!!!

We are happy to report that we will be on tap in a bunch of awesome restaurants and bars within the next couple of weeks!  There is, however, still one missing component.  Beer….check.  Kegs….check.  Awesome restaurants that want our beer…BIG CHECK.  Tap handles…..right…That’s what we’ve been missing.  We searched high and low to find something […]

Toronto Beer Week

Toronto Beer Week is on and for a limited time you can go get paddled in The Big Smoke. Our beers are currently pouring at Bar Hop and The Rhino. It should go without saying that these are […]

Holy Craft Beer Batman

This week is a big week for us here at 5 Paddles. We have upped our production and are finally seeing the fruits of our labour as last week was our first week without turning anybody away beerless. This week we intend to release 5 beers in 5 days but that is assuming everything goes smoothly, […]

Beer Hotline

Whoa… I forgot we had a blog.

So, it’s been over two months now since we opened our doors and sold our first few beers. Up to now everything has kind of gone better than our wildest imaginations. Our beer has been tasting awesome (“ooooh that’s nice”) and Durham’s thirst for beer that tastes awesome has […]

We are LIVE!

We’ve now been open since Tuesday June 11…all of four days and the response has been tremendous!  We’ve had great support from the fine people of Durham region, beer on tap at Buster Rhino’s and a lot of calls from Toronto craft beer bars that are interested in carrying us!  What a great start!

Tomorrow is our […]

End of the Road – Start of the Road

After about 2 years of planning, 1 year running around like chickens with our heads cut off, an overwhelming amount of support from our family, friends and community, hundreds of facebook updates, hours spent pleading with 5 EXTREMELY tolerant wives/girlfriends and after turning away thousands of people without beer…

We are proud to announce that we […]

Got ya

So you thought this was going to be a brewery?

Well what if I told you it was just an elaborate scheme to sell t-shirts and glasses. Why, We’ve sold shirts in Jamaica:



We’ve sold shirts in Argentina:


Where it’s at

Sorry for the massive delay between posts here. There are only so many ways we can say that we are almost there. However, in recent weeks we have had a few significant advancements.

The first one which I will mention here is that our bottles and labels have arrived. At first we will be selling strictly […]